Data Apparel  

Ethical Data-Driven Fashion

Data Apparel is a social enterprise that combines data visualisation, graphic design and ethical fashion. Data Apparel makes clothes that mean something: not only are all designs based on visualisation of data about the world around us, but the clothing is designed to promote empathy and to spark a conversation about development and inequality.

Data Apparel leverages data visualisation to bridge the ethical, global citizen and the sometimes challenging topics they would like to engage with. Wearing Data Apparel clothing not only comes with the piece of mind of strict ethical sourcing and a donation to charity, but in a small way empowers the wearer to start a conversation.

Our life expectancy design (below) tells a positive message of people living longer, healthier lives over time; but why has life expectancy increased? All our products ship with stylish inserts explaining the data behind the design, so when your friend asks you about the design on your chest you can have an informed conversation about the advances in maternal health and immunisation rates. Order below or check out our store!